Chimscan   $399

I have for sale a Chimscan camera/TV system for inspecting the internals of chimneys.
This was purchased from Copperfield Chimney Supply back in the 80's when we did a
lot of reline work due to chimney fires breaking the clay flue liners inside chimneys. We
would take pictures of the TV screen showing the cracks inside the chimney and submit
them to the insurance companies  as proof the flue tiles were really broken.
The system originally cost about $1300 and had a camera/light upgrade for another $277
in 1988.  The container is 15" high x 18" long x 12" wide and the whole thing weighs 40 lbs

Unit is at 4392 NW Gustafson Rd Silverdale, WA 98383.

To a customer in North Caroline 28721 who wanted to know what shipping cost was to there.
UPS wants  $69.06 to ship the package  5 days.
USPS standard mailing is $44.29
USPS Priority Mail is $94.65

Before shipping, I will verify exact pricing with UPS or USPS, which ever you want to use.

How to pay for unit.
The easiest way is for me to give you my Chase bank account information over the phone and
you take cash down to a Chase bank and make a deposit to my account. When it shows up in
my account, usually next day, I ship the unit. 
Or, make a payment into our PayPal account  

The unit still turns on and shows a picture good.  Here's some pics.

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