Subject: Where The Chemtrail Spray Systems Were Made. 
Feb. 2, 2003.

They are still spraying us here is Sonora, Calif.  Here's 
something about that subject.


  From: S
  Subject: Chemtrail Info
  From: B
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  All it takes to transform this planet is to wake-up enough people.
Do your part with knowledge, truth, facts and wisdom; and even if
just "one drop at a time", the truth will out!  
  From: Bea
  Since I first got this information, I have been in conversation
with C --- and have sent him relevant info.
  I have double checked to make sure that C in this position---his
answer is obvious...
  B is the person from Ontario who is instigating the petition to
stop chemtrails Canada wide. You can download a petition from:
  G-d Bless

  Dear B
  I sent this to B:
  Dear Brian,
  My name is Conroy Pe-ner. I am an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
who used to work for Con-ir/C-scade Ae-ospace in Abbotsford, BC,
Canada. In 1988 we had a U-A/N-TO defense contract to build spray
quipment to create "Chemtrails" under "Operation Clov-rleaf". My
brother was the senior weldor/fabricator on the project. He was
threatened and we quit... after I took photos of the finished
product. It's real. These web links should help fill any gaps in
your knowledge. Feel free to contact me. Tell the world NOW!
  The following is an explanation of Co-roy's situation as forwarded
to me by another source: 

  "I would be happy to show anyone the spray system photos I took
before I quit working for Con-ir/Ca-cade Aerospace, or discuss
other related issues."
  Conroy Pe-ner
  Regarding "CHEMTRAILS":
  My brother Mu-ray and I used to work for Co-air/Ca-cade Aerospace
in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, back in 1988-89. I was
working for their helicopter division, Frontier Helicopters, when
one day at lunch I overheard my bosses talking to each other about
not being able to find a qualified aerospace welder/fabricator to
build some special equipment for the U-A Air Force. It so happened
that Mur-ay had not worked for a while and was available. He had
worked for Bri-tol Aerospace and Stan-ard Aero repairing both
civilian and mi-itary plane parts and engine parts, and rockets ...,
so he had wonderful qualifications for the job. After they phoned
M-rray they flew him from Winnipeg, Manitoba to their airport and
gave him a job building special spray equipment. I often came into
hanger #1 where he worked, to work and to visit him.
  As I watched the progress of his project I became quite curious
and asked him what in the world he was building. He really did not
know the truth at the time, so he asked some of his helpers and
co-workers. One young fellow told Mu-ray he was building a spray
system to deliver biochemical w-rfare.
 >  Murr-y and I talked to each other and to some of our co-workers
about it but still did not know the truth about the project, so
we approached our bosses who said it was to spray for insects at
airforce bases in the US-.
 >  We were not born yesterday, and both had extensive training and
experience with metallurgy, so we knew we were being lied to:
there was no way this expensive alloys and specially-machined
parts were for that, and there was no way that ordinary insect
repellant would damage the nozzles that severely that they would
have to replace them after every 6 uses. Also, the holding,
pressure and surge tanks were so large, and the pumps so huge,
that we also figured out there would be enough spray in one
aircraft to kill every living thing in the entire country with
one pass... yet they had a contract to make 11 entire systems.
 >  Murray told the bosses they were involved in something more
deadly than that and that he would not be a part of this ev-l plan,
and after giving them a solemn warning, quit. So did I and some
others, but not before the bosses, and some US milit-ry people
warned us about minding our own business. Mu-ray was told to sign
some documents but refused, even though they pushed him hard to
agree to their scheme and to keep silent. The scene was so intense
you could cut the air with a knife!
 >  A few months after Mur-ay warned them they would pay the price
for their deeds..., there was an unexplained fire in Hangar 1, and
they lost their new sheet metal school and nearly lost two
fire-fighting aircraft. One lone nightshift worker was nearly
killed too. We were shocked that Go- would respond that way to
Murr-y's warning so hard and fast, but it seemed perfect for the
  We have made it a point to warn others every day since then about
what they do, but few, if any, listen or even go so far as to
believe us at all.
 >  There is much more to it than just spray: this is a tiny part
of an ev-l plan to ki-l millions and to bring in the New Wo-ld Order.
I have personally studied this subject for about 33 years, and it
is true. I have met politicians and many others who have a
first-hand knowledge of what is happening to change this world to
a global go-ernment and a one wor-d system of mi-itary, rel-gion,
etc. Check the history and plans of the Bil-erbergers, the things
that happen at the Boh-mian Grove, what Operation Ga-den Plot or
Operation Pap-rclip, why the a-my has built new con-entration
camps for us, etc., were all about, or even Lu-is Trust and the
whole issue of the Ill-minati, Ma-ons, Cath-lic Chu-ch and the New
Wor-d Order.
 >  The plan is real and the plan is in effect now: the "El-tes"
will take over and get rid of what they refer to as "The Useless
Eaters" of the world. Do not stop looking until you know the whole
truth. It may take a lot of time and work, but I would not trade
the hard work to learn and understand the absolute truth when I
know it could either save me from the coming world ho-ocaust or at
least help me understand what is about to happen to me and my
loved ones. China has control of both sides of the Panama Canal
and occupies a U-A mili-ary base in south California and Cuba for
a reason ... just like Russian soldiers practicing operating our
trains now or the German and British NA-O troops occupying more
mil-tary bunks here than our own soldiers while they practice
bombing us at our mil-tary airbases.
 The Brit-sh Royalty and pre-idents, etc., are all a part of it.
The C-A, F-I,
 >  Royal Can-dian Mounted Police, Scot-and Yard, MI6, MI5, etc.,
Council on Fo-eign Relations, N-TO, are part of it.
 >  Learn from history and tell everyone you meet. It's real and
it's coming faster than the electrical waves of and ato-ic
explosion, and we cannot stop it at all. (JW  Let's hope the good
type people will help us out.)  When I watched the a-my fill up
the spray tanks on the planes while wearing hazmat suits and oxygen
tanks, I knew it was not for getting rid of bugs: it was for
getting rid of us. They have over 2,200 Boeing KC-135 Stra-otankers
equipped, and they could cover the earth with spray in one single
day. They spray our skies full here in Canada... in Victoria, etc,
every single day and night. Our blue skies are not left blue
anymore. Breathing sometimes becomes a chore, and people get sick
for no apparent reason too. Hope you respond and hope you are
 >  There is no way out, so pray that -od will deliver you: we
cannot run or hide, but we can be ready when it hits the fan... at
least mentally and sp-ritually. I used to be the world's biggest
skeptic, but now I see that the Bi-le was perfectly accurate:
history, should anyone be open, honest and not entirely blind or
stupid, is unfolding before our eyes precisely as the Bib-e said it
would, and without missing a beat. That should count for something.
Even the woman that rides the beast, as described in the Bi-le
about the end times has come true: Look at the Euro-dollar bills;
the woman, called "Europa" rides "The Bull". It is also on the
Greek Euro-coin.
 >  Check for yourself. Now if that doesn't speak volumes (you
have to study it of course and prove it for yourself like I did),
than you are fast asleep ....or you do not care about all the
facts as they are. Hope you write and ask questions...
 >  Sincerely, Conroy P-nner Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
 > 1-250-383-3602 303-500 Rithet Avenue, Victoria, BC, Canada
  PS: I would be happy to show anyone the spray system photos I
took before I quit working for Co-air/Ca-cade Aerospace, or
discuss other related issues...
  There was also another message betwen Con-roy and myself -- more
philosophical/political -- which I won't send as it was a little
long -- but here's my answer ... and while I'm at it -- an
explanation of how I think about all this ...
  You know Co-roy -- I'm a very simple person. In terms of political
philosophy I guess you would call me a utopian anarchist --- that
is, --- I believe that the source of true power is from within --
from our hearts. You can call it -od -- or whatever name you want.
In simple terms it's about using love as a focus.
  When we do that everything else falls into place. In my estimation
that is where we went wrong --- or perhaps we didn't go wrong ---
perhaps this is what it takes to learn this lesson as humanity.
  This planet -- Earth -- Mother -- living being that we look upon
as simply an inanimate platform for us to conduct our 'affairs'
on--as simply a place to pretend that we're the ones who order the
universe about-- is just about to say---ENOUGH!
  So the way I look at it---those of us who have the sense to
understand that the only way we will survive is to hold together
and love each other had better start doing that. When enough of us
wake up to this--we will become an overwhelming force that will
sweep all else out of the way.
  I don't believe in any kind of go-ernment that governs from the
outside--but to be able to accomplish that we must connect to our
power on the inside. So the work, as far as I'm concerned, is to
make our LOVE as powerful as it can be.
  Some people call me naive---and I say thank you---it's been one
heck of a battle to stay that way...
  Thanks for sending me this material----I understand it.
  There is a fine line between coming together as human beings of
free will (this doesn't mean we all have to be the same--only that
we recognize and honor our right to be who we are----and I do
believe it's time for us to do that) ----- and creating an entity
called a 'g-vernment'--whereby we give up our power to an
artificially created source.
  Am I making sense?...
  Anyway ...Thank you for your courage in coming forward. I'll
pass your material on to as many people as I can--I hope that's
okay with you. Depending on the 'timeline', myself and some others
want to put together a panel presentation about chemtrails (maybe
more) and I hope you would come over and give us the benefit of
your knowledge. I want to come at it from many different angles--
including health, and ways to protect ourselves,----and more......
Thanks again
Bless you for your courage
May the FORCE be with Us!
Peace and Love

John Winston.