Chemtrails Myth or Menace?

By M. VanWye August 2002

Much has been written about a relatively new atmospheric object
appearing world wide and known to many as "Chemtrails". While these
long cloud-like wisps appear to most as mere contrails produced by
jet engine exhaust, others emphatically argue that they are instead
some kind of gaseous or particulate metals which are intended to be
used as a weapon against unsuspecting populations.

Still, the general publics in all nations possess little
to no
knowledge concerning chemtrails; that is, people are generally
uneducated about the biospheric and human affects of the chemicals
involved, and the various governments seem unwilling or unable to
admit to either the existence or the deployment of any such
atmospheric agents.

Ironically, there is no scarcity of evidence relating to both the
existence and the deployment of "Chems", except perhaps in government
documentation and the mainstream media. The world-wide-web, however,
is rich in data, including lists of chemical and metallic compounds
found in chemtrails, locations of sightings of them, and even
photographs of commercial and other aircraft dispensing the diffuse
mixtures into the air while engaged in their regular service.

Some excellent sources of information regarding chemtrail activity
over the United States are at http://educate- and, which includes the
article, "Chemtrails Over America" by Mike Blair. The site address is ,
and makes for very profound reading.

The main point of this writing, however, is not precisely that Chems
are being clandestinely deployed, but what possible goals they might
serve, disregarding their employment as a weapon against humans. It
should be noted that many researchers agree on the makeup of
chemtrails and the methods of dispersal, including writers posting on (article: "Contrails or Chemtrails?", at and the infamous and
outspoken Chemtrails Data Page at . These and other
researchers tend to agree not only that chemtrails are real and are
found prolifically in almost every nation, but also in respect to the
human biohazards presented by the various carcinogens deployed to
eventual fallout over populated areas of the globe.

One factor of this fallout which seems rarely noted even on the
internet sites is that once laid, the chemicals can be diffused
transported by winds, spilling contaminants into areas where they may
not have been purposely directed. This may be either good or bad,
depending on what their actual purpose is. If their purpose is to
deliberately infect the innocent and unknowing citizenry, then the
possibility exists that they are not so good.

The chemicals and metals that are documented to exist in chemtrails
include aluminum, barium, calcium, magnesium, and titanium according
to C.E. Carnicom, a renowned researcher and scientist involved in
chemtrail discussion. A message board is provided by Carnicom at and symptoms of unhealthy levels of
exposure to these chemical and metallic agents include respiratory
and digestive distress as well as autoimmune issues such as extended
weakness and tiredness.

It is no surprise, then, that people are concerned, so the questions
beg to be asked, "Why is this not a topic of mainstream media?"
and "To whose benefit is this shroud of secrecy involving chemtrails

the governments, or the world's populations?" These questions
also been addressed by Jeff Rense and Alex Merklinger on the
internet radio show, "Mysteries of the Mind", available in archived
audio format at .

First, the query regarding the media's ignorance or other failure
will be dealt with, although no real answer will be given as there
are few coming from them in this area. A search of internet archives
reveals that in traditional television, radio, and printed media,
there is next to NO reference to this hazard, except in the most
vague notation regarding end-times prophecies (see David Smith
commentary at - use the sites'
search engine to explore "chemical weapons") and other
supposed "black project" articles saturating the conspiracy-theory
corners of the net. Why is this?

Does the media simply have no interest in this, or have no reporters
ever seen or heard of chemtrails? Is a world-wide gag order in effect
supported by a threat for loss of license in the event that
they "spill the beans"? More importantly, how can eye-witness
accounts, laboratory findings, and actual photographs continue to go
un-noticed in the face of all this visual evidence and testimony to
the contrary? Whatever the actual reasoning of the media moguls, even
this writer has seen these lines in the sky that do not quickly
dissipate as contrails do, but instead drift for hours before slowly
disintegrating from view.

And what of the issue of secrecy? Who benefits?

The answer to this may indeed surprise us all, but it is almost
certain that an admission of knowledge by governments would lead to
even more inquiries into biological, chemical, and electronic weapons
projects such as those reputed to be operated by HAARP and other
secret or super-secret military organizations.

The main issue, then, seems to be whether chemtrails are actually
weapons to be used against humanity, or whether they serve, perhaps,
some unknown agricultural objective which most people would not
understand even if they were aware. Of the two, weaponry seems much
more likely, given all the testing for benefits in the emerging
botanical field of genetically enhanced foodstuffs.

Suppose for the moment, if you will, that chemtrails were actually a
weapon against citizens. Would their intended use then be to reduce
or cripple populations, or is there a more sinister plot afoot which
calls for a long-term inoculation project which might later be used
in some kind of electrochemical attack, and if so, by whom? Who might
be an enemy bent on the destruction of the human life on a global
scale? Oddly enough, it seems that any such opponent would likely not
be human, or at best if they were human would not be
for the welfare of any but a few elite and elect of the human family.

Not only must the affects on humans be considered in these studies,
but also the detriments to all life on Earth, including mammals (of
which humans are one), birds, plants, and marine entities, all of
which may ultimately be affected by chems in some way.

In somewhat logical procession, then, might a benefit to agriculture
be excluded as a basis for chemtrails, as well as health enhancement,
leaving weaponry as the only plausible activity? If this is in fact
the case, then the few issues left to consider become "what is the
purpose of this weapon?" and "to whom is it directed against?"

Popular opinion and the results of intense research by many seem to
indicate that if chems are a weapon, that the intended targets are
the populations in the near vicinity of the toxins. This, however,
may not be entirely true, as there could be considerations of which
governments are aware, but which cannot be openly publicized due to
security protocols in various sectors.

It may be that our collective health is at risk, and citizens are
unknowingly inoculated against a biological attack. This example
would likely fit into the security function, as publicity surrounding
the "doping" would infer that the source of the potential infection
was known. Clearly, it might be in the best interests of the leaders

and the citizenry to remain silent in order to avoid panic or
compromising of the "black ops" civil project.

This may not be as far-fetched as it sounds when one considers that
in 1998, unknown microbial life forms were reportedly discovered in
core samples of ice in the region of Lake Vostok, a totally-submerged
fresh water lake over two miles below the surface of the Antarctic
continent. Conspiracy theorists suggest that at the time, a military-
type cargo plane was dispatched to the area to "deliver salt" in
dangerous weather conditions, but for which evidence suggested there
was no need. Whether this is fact is unimportant, as the event is
being used here merely as an example of a particular undocumentable
scenario in which secrecy may be an important application.

Should it ever happen that unknown or experimental life got loose in
our environment, then chemtrails containing compounds fatal to the
microbial or other life might be elected as a "weapon of choice" for
an immediate, but unpublicized, vaccination of the publics.

Are there other scenarios in which chemtrails might be viewed in a
positive way, despite the lack of notice to populations? Again, yes!

In an event of another kind, perhaps a visitation by evil
extraterrestrial beings, chemtrails may become a first line of
defense. This stipulates a host of new questions regarding the nature
of any such life form, including whether the E.T.'s implied a
of any kind and how best to counter, contain, or repel the visitors.
Tactically speaking, it might be prudent to gain intelligence on the
dignitaries and customs of the visitors, but this data might not be
freely shared as it may seem likely to leaders that the aliens also
had "spies" here on Earth. It would be a case of "loose lips lose
planets", and perhaps only a coalition of all governments would have
any ability to either mount or sustain a viable defense.

Assuming that the latter example ultimately turned out to be the
case, and an alien civilization had operatives on "our" soil, then
chemtrails might be an agent which is toxic to them, and/or to their
pre-supposed half-human descendants, if any. This is in no way meant
to imply that there is definitely intelligent alien life in, on, or
around the Earth, yet there are many sources of information (once
again) that demonstrate both evidence and testimony to the contrary.

Although a list of internet web sites appears at the end of this
article all having to do with chemtrails and alien presence
it is
more in keeping to the point already covered to ignore for the moment
the volumes of evidence or commentary, and to proceed instead along
the reasoning involving the implication of an extra terrestrial
interest in the Earth.

The problem to those "in the know" on this planet are then two-fold.
First, they must determine whether or not they (the big clandestine
and invisible THEY) can negotiate any type of "arrangement" with the
infiltrators while neglecting to inform earth-dwellers at large, and

barring the diplomatic approach determine the nescessity and
deployment of whatever resistance is available for either and
offensive or defensive retaliation.

Chemtrails might fulfill both applications by rendering the
atmosphere poisonous to the E.T.'s while preserving both the
anonymity and security of Earth's leaders and their quest to rule
world without the benevolent guidance or interference of any
potential interstellar or transplanetary neighbors. As long as the
populace never became publicly aware of the aliens, the situation
regarding any landings, invasions, or interdictions would likely be
moot until such time as outside enforcement for trade or containment
took place.

Of course, all war has it's casualties, and some might consider a
limited loss of human health or life a small price to pay for a
civilization on the verge of liberation to the realms of space, home,
as we are often asked to believe, of the gods!

On that note, this essay ends, leaving unanswered the queries
involving our technological transcendence, our spiritual awakenings,
and the penchant of world leaders for secrecy.

Remembering that the reasons for secrets are often the secrets
themselves, it might bode well to study the issues of clandestinity
and tactical assessment before condemning chemtrails to the level of
a hidden and inherently evil government plot.

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Publications and Internet Web Sites dealing with Chemtrails: