Making your own Berkey water filter
using two five gallon food grade plastic buckets and one or two of Berkey's black filter elements.

Go to  here   to buy a pair of Berkey black filter elements only. Two for $107 , and a spigot $10.
These youtube videos pretty well explain the procedure. By using two 5 gallon food grade
plastic buckets and by using one or two Berkey black filters, you can make your own inexpensive
Berkey water filter.

Each filter element is good for about 3000 gallons run through it before it needs replacing.
There is no time limit before the filter element needs replacing, just how many gallons were
put through it.  The top bucket is tall enough that you should be able to get 3.5 - 3.75 gallons/hr
flowrate through two filters if you keep the upper bucket topped off.     (that's a little L before the 8)



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